Do you realise how many times do we curse our lives daily? Why do we forget that we have what many don’t have in their lives? Why are we so ungrateful? Why have we developed a habit of taking everything, especially life, for granted?


Don’t you think we should pat our backs when we are able to put a smile on our face by helping someone else, even if that help might have disadvantaged us in our personal lives? It is not being arrogant but practicing self-worth and self-love and adding positivity to our self-image. Should we not appreciate our small deed of kindness?

We make many small efforts daily to perform various activities but never feel gratitude towards our body and mind for working proper enough to not hinder in the process of those activities and helping us in performing everything smoothly and as desired.

We work everyday yet are always upset for our performance and growth. We can only perform better and faster when we acknowledge and appreciate our abilities and the achievements we had attained in performing a task in the past. Eustress, and not distress, helps in enhancing our performance level.

So, we can not pledge but promise ourselves to not let ourselves down for not meeting our supposed standards of living. We can at least appreciate our efforts for our survival and small and seemingly insignificant acts we do and are doing everyday and every minute to enhance the quality of our lives. 


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