One can’t write unless one feels. Though I feel something almost everyday, yet there are some days when my mind is void of all. There is a numbness that I feel all over me, inside and outside. At such a time, I crave for a muse and reminisce the loss of many muses in the past who played a beautiful role in shaping variant parts of me. 


I am able to overflow my emotions to create art when I’m either in immense pain or feeling something very strongly, not when I shut my emotions down completely. Wordsworth reflects my situation sometimes when I feel in a dire need of a storm to move my dull pain so that I can be able to write.

Writing and singing is my catharsis. I believe, catharsis results in art. It can be of any idea in any form. Expression just needs a medium to be expressed and art is such a medium. It generates out of chaos.

It is believed that a person should be non-respondent to all the emotions of life but I believe that it would devoid the individuals and the world of procreating art. Art is life. No response towards situations would eradicate any emotions and hence, any form of art.


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