I am in a fright towards who I was in the past. Everyone and everything could affect me. I used to cry silently. I was bullied and laughed at by all the people of my age in the primary and secondary classes without any fault of mine. This experience transformed me into a premature person. Hence, now I can also connect, reciprocate and communicate with the ones who understand the patterns of life.


I am in a fright of contemplating and overthinking on negative thoughts which brought so much negativity to me that it overshadowed my strengths in the past. I am in a fright of self-doubt. I am in a fright of being judged and manipulated. The various institutions of this society have successfully colored my whole childhood and most of the adolescene with self-doubt and lack of self- confidence. Now, I have left all that behind and learnt to manifest my true self. So, now I am adamant and in a fright of accepting my older self back. I love my growth and I don’t want to repeat the process. 

I am not saying that I never feel afraid of anything. I feel my heart thumping when I have to take a decision. I am in a fright of novelty—be it people, places or situations but now I don’t let them shadow the positivity in my mind and personality. That fright makes me feel alive. It is the rush, the turbulence of my life. My fright often prevents me from getting along with bad people and into bad situations. My fright often proves to be my strength. 


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