I was fed up
and I thought you don’t care.
There were a lot of things
that I had to share


but I thought that won’t ever happen.
Maybe, my optimism was false.
So, I slept with a lot of pessimism.
When I woke up, I thought to bid you farewell with one last call.

I called you but in just another second,
disconnected the connection.
I never ever dreamt even
that I will witness, from your side, some reaction.

So, you called me
back when I had just picked up my mobile.
Across my face, immediately,
spread a sweet smile.

The call I attended
as fast as I could.
You were as nervous as I was
as from your voice I understood.

We were engulfed in awkward laughs
trying to start the talk.
I complimented when you asked
what did I had to tell.

I cleared the misunderstanding
of the day before.
You were upset from me
from reacting unexpectedly to your

You depicted your upset behavior.
I apologized and explained
what all did I bear
before in a similar situation.

Then we talked about dreams,
the scary ones and the sweet ones too.
You supposed that my dreams
indicate that I love you.

I told you it is not possible
to love someone without
even meeting them once.
We talked about the dream inside-out. 

This call rekindled
the passion in me for your pusuit.
To give another chance
to this opportunity,
to me and you,
giving me a hope that this is not the last call.
There is more to happen in my destiny. 

The Call

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