You are like the sun and my life is like the Earth. It revolves around you. As soon as I decide to go away from you, your sincere efforts hold me back. I feel that this time I will pull so far away from you that all the strings that bind me to you will break. I will walk away from you and will miss you a lot in my life later. But that will only happen when I am able to break the strings attached to you which I am not able to.


I don’t even wish to break the strings connecting us but I find myself in the dilemma between staying and letting go time and again. This decision purely depends on your actions towards me. As I told you, sometimes it appears as if you are not interested but just bearing a burden of this connection. As you say, this is not true but just a result of your general cut off from the world.

I have lost count of the days when I got frustrated by this behavior of yours and tried to walk away but all such efforts were in vain. The next day itself I received a response from you and my current activities in life and I came back to pavilion. I am really getting tired of this push-and-pull cycle now that I revolve around. 

I truly wish that not the whole, but my love life shall persistently revolve around you only but I want it to be reciprocated as well. If that demands time, self- introspection and your growth, be it. I don’t think I can do anything otherwise as I keep revolving around you. 


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