The fragrance of the thoughts

flows through the ink on the letter.

The season has returned already.

Love is in the air.


The season which doesn’t end—

the season of art and love

has returned with its dreamy spell

which seems to be transmitted from above.


Every face is smiling.

Each eye holds a rose within.

The words strike through their heart

like a sweet yet painful dart.


The painters paint

the portrait of their beloved

who talk and acquaint

themselves with lovers to beget.


All the spectators’ eyes,

on the portrait, lay constantly glued.

The bards, too, write

songs of lovely mood.


The hearts keeps dancing

to the rhythm of the lover.

The beloveds start mincing

as their feelings, they are unable to cover.


The chefs prepare

for their beloved

their best feast

which with them they share. 


They tell them that they are very sweet.

This is how, with love, their beloveds they greet. 

Time and attention in them they invest. 

Artists have only art if they want their love to manifest. 

Love Is In The Air

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