Peep Into Your Soul

This is the time, you should wish to dream. 

If you feel like, you are allowed to scream. 

If you are feeling grief, dissatisfaction and sorrow,

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I am craving for you. My ears are craving to hear your voice and your presence in my daily routine. My eyes crave being stuck at your face which glows with your charisma. I crave your skin. I crave your build—tough enough to hold me together and gentle enough to embrace me within your arms. I crave the vibrations of your hand, the positive aura getting transferred to me. I crave your lips and the genuine words of love and concern uttered by them. 

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Narcissism v Self-Love

Narcissism is not overconfidence but manipulation of other’s thoughts to an extent where they start believe narcissist’s lie to be true. Narcissists never admit that they have done wrong to someone but would remember all the minute details of other person’s general behavior to later manipulate it and transform the information to their benefit. They are excellent at gaslighting because they fear the exposure of their own follies and are not courageous enough to ever accept them. Apology is a far cry. Narcissism is no form of self-love. 

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According to me, husband and wife are meant to be the true companions of each other. All other relations leave a person to handle the circumstances on their own except their wedded companions, sometimes by choice, at others by duty. Being companions means that they are a part of your being and you are a part of their. Therefore, you are each other’s partners. 

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