Though you think otherwise but we will marry for sure. I will try not to get too attached to you in the process lest it hurts worse than before but I will keep faith that this will happen because I know it will. I just have to keep faith on the universe that everything is working on my favor. Since I know my thoughts attract what I really want from the universe, I will have faith on me, on the universe,  and on the certainty of us getting married.


The number and consistency with which these positive signs and aura I have got from this thought that you will surely marry me is no deception. My gut intuition doesn’t decieve me. It warned me of the guy before you and he turned out to be a cheat, manipulator and a narcissist. If it is bringing my faith back to you repeatedly, it knows that you will surely bring me what I finally desire from you. It is as if I am guided by the stars.

I will be guarded yet open to you enough to keep you in my life. I will make things work. Don’t worry, the hurt and disappointment that you had to go through before will not be traced by you this time because the energies sustaining us is positive. No matter how much time it takes, I will put in effort throughout the whole process.

I have never recieved such positive signs of holding on as I have got to keep faith on me, you and this divine process since the beginning of this connection, when I didn’t even think of you this much.  Whenever I think of leaving you and the faith on the possibility of this connection forever, my friends or the cards or the charts I am born with calm me down and reconcile this faith. Moving ahead and away from the thoughts of a person that I have not met yet is surprising and often tiring for me but the cycle repeats itself. It has never been so impossible for me. 

Believing these positive signs, I have decided to continue to have faith on the nemesis and am filled with optimism regarding the same. I don’t want to lose my potential twin flame in a hurry. I am just breathing in and out because I know that we and this connection is guided by the stars. 

Guided by the Stars


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