“I don’t love you,” she replied to him as he sat on one knee with a rose in his hand, looking at her face with love in his eyes and smile on his lips. “I am sorry,” she apologized with a hope that he won’t feel hurt.


A smile curved on his face. He laid his hands down and stood up. “You fell for it, didn’t you?,” he said laughing uncontrollably. She was perplexed. A thought crossed her mind that he might have deranged due to her rejection. “I am really sorry,” she said. He kept laughing.

“What is there to laugh in it?” She asked watching him laugh with utter perplexity. “I was joking. I made a fool out of you,” he replied. She saw him laughing madly in front of her.

“Oh,” she affected a smile and thought, ‘I know who you made a fool out of. You can’t deceive me.’ Then she said teasingly, “Oh! Ashwin, you are so not ‘my type’, you know that. Why do you hope otherwise?”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself. You are not the queen of the world. Even you are not my type,” he stopped laughing and said, irritated by her negative response.

There was sweet silence between them. She looked at him with a lot of love in her eyes. She said in her mind, ‘I will say it when the time comes, when it would be possible for us to be together.’

They dispersed from the restaurant after she paid the bill. They both were immersed in each other’s thoughts. They bid each other and left for their homes, yet in thought.

Sweet Silence

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