I will have to leave you with a heavy heart.
Though I felt connected with you right from the start
but pardon me, my heart doesn’t commit
to another without marriage.
Such an association it does not permit
where there’s a lot of insecurity and baggage.


I believe you when you say that you will love me with all your might.
Towards marital commitment, I understand your fright.
I know that you have been wronged in your past when you loved with your soul
but for me, relationship is half commitment whereas marriage is whole.

So, maybe, I will give
yet another chance to myself and you.
And observe closely
how does it turns out to be.
How easy or difficult is it to pursue.

If the response is negative,
I have no choice left
but to leave.
I need to prevent
and distance
myself from you and any possible grief.

We will part for ever
and walk on variant paths
after I will have to leave you
with a heavy heart.

I Will Have to Leave You

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