I am lost in your thoughts. I keep thinking of you 24*7, though not on purpose. Do I love you? I don’t know. Do I want a future with you? Certainly. Will I be ready to fight for you and keep you in my life forever? Yes, but I genuinely wish that you don’t put me in that position, that you never question my loyalty in such a fashion.


I can’t say I love you as yet since we haven’t met. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the reality would mirror my supposition of you. I can’t really say that I love a lot of qualities of you but only those  facets which I had the opportunity to mingle with uptil now.

To begin with, I get lost in your smile, not the one which I witness in your static picture but the short and long videos that reflect who you truly are (again, fingers crossed). Your voice sounded cute when I first called you on your birthday and still sounds so. Whenever I hear it, my mind wanders somewhere and I am lost. You have a different aura of innocence in your personality. At times, when I think of you, I start smiling unconsciously.

When you respond positively to my posts and work in writing and music, it makes my day and immediately, spreads a smile on my face that carries throughout the whole day. Your personality, honesty and loyalty keeps me hooked. I have found you while I was on my journey of finding myself and I have been feeling lucky since then. Since I found you, I lost my negative self. I will never put you in a position where you may get lost, out of my sight. 


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