This minute, I log in to
the dating site I use to surf through.
The next minute, I see your face.
My heart starts throbbing with increased pace.


Just another moment, and I click to
show my interest in talking to you.
Next moment, you message me
and my face gets covered with glee.

I take two minutes,
to breathe in and breathe out.
Then, regather myself and
think for a moment what should I talk about.

So, you say hello while I was thinking of writing a passage,
I scroll through my profile and in a minute, I see your message.
My heart skips a beat.
For another two, your message runs in my mind on repeat.

When I looked at you, it instantly hit.
Like a missed puzzle piece of my life you fit.
At this feeling, I was highly amazed.
I clicked on your profile, at your pictures I gazed.

It takes me five minutes to realise,
what my mind did was repeat and revise
the method ten times forward and reverse
to configure how should we start to converse.

This time, I sigh and give up for now
because I thought for 20 but couldn’t figure out how.
So, I go back to looking at your pictures and admiring your beauty
and get engrossed in it for another 20.

Admiring how much you are beautiful,
my hand feels dutiful
and forms on its own the composition
of the appraisal of your disposition.

The words take time to weave
and I pour out all that, until now, remained up the sleeve.
Though it took two times sixty to compose,
I was determined to complete the prose.

In this prose there exist both peacock and dove,
where there’s only you and me and love.
You shift the application
but increase my admiration.

We are talking when I see the photo
that you’ve clicked of yourself. It is so
charming. I can see your body glow.
My heart throbs faster and blood rushes with increased flow.

I am unable to realise
and notice fifteen minutes go by.
I feel the aura of the previous and next lives
that we might have spent together as husbands and wives.

Another thirty minutes pass
as the thought of you depass
all over my mind.
I wonder how so much time
without you will I be able to pass.

I surf through your social media profiles
and all of your family members I try to recognize
and remember the face of everyone.
It takes another two hours to be completely done.

I take two more
to recognize all
the faces of each of your
beloved pal.

Another three hours I dedicate
to study thoroughly and perspire.
I have to cross above each barricade
that can prevent me from matching your measure.

While I am walking at the metro station
to reach my college.
A tune passes through my mind.
I open the application
of the recorder in my mobile
and record the tune within two minutes
to sustain it in my knowledge.

When I come back home,
I align in front of me my instruments
of music to practice and be excellent.
With practice I sing and read every musical tome
and when I look up at the minute hand
of the clock, I wonder where so much time went!

It takes me two hours to complete all the reading
and practice of singing.
I need to be perfect in my passion
to prove myself to be deserving
person for you, to be holding
the best qualities in person and profession.

Then, I open the book and start to read
which I have been given the responsibility to edit.
I hone another of my set of skills
to read, comprehend, correct and edit.
It takes another two hours to complete.

Another hour in which my body I wash,
my mind is full of your dreams.
The water creates vaccum as it drops
all around me. You are everywhere, it seems.

When I get angry on you for some reason,
I shut the social sites where I can see you and breathe in
calmness and understanding
and imbibe in me some positiveness
to smile for another one hour like a fool
while constantly thinking about you.

I am unable to realise
how three hours fly
past while I keep staring at your pictures and profile
which spread on my face a very big smile.

I start to imagine
how would be our first conversation.
What would your voice sound like?
Will it sound strange, disappointing or alike?
I am unable to realise in my fantasy
that another hour has passed already.

I think for the rest of the hours
about when we will finally meet.
Even then, the time will just fleet
in sharing smiles and moments
that are comic, and not farce.
I get lost in the world of dreams
and dream of you when I sleep.

All this while, I love myself
while I love you too.
I want you to see my inner self
at its best and when it is purely true.

24 Hours of Loving You

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