Don’t say I love you.
Love, once said, loses its essence.
It does not feel to be as true thence.
When you feel but choose not to
confess and just continue to do
all the things that you do when you
are deeply in love with them,
you prove your love for them.


Don’t say I love you.
Write for them instead.
Stay by their side when they need your care,
when they need someone to share 
their happiness and pain,
loss and gain.
Be a part of their life’s journey.

Don’t say I love you
to make them commit to you,
to show them off in front of your peers.
Don’t make them cry happy tears
if you are not willing to
stay with them in this life forever.

Don’t say I love you
if you accept the happiness
but resist the pain and trouble 
in this journey filled with struggles.

If you will not be able to support
and both of you have not built a rapport
and are not able to understand
the cause of their each action
and consequences that they bore,
don’t tell them that you still adore
them just as they are instantly at that time.
They may be harsh by words tomorrow
even if today they are sweet and sublime.
So, do not assure them if even you are not sure.
Don’t say I love you.

Don’t break their dreams
of their future with you.
If you know from the start
that this might never come to be true.
Admit the truth in front of them and stay aloof.
Don’t be a cause of their pain 
knowing that that is how everything will turn out to be.
Being a human, do not play with their emotions.
Don’t say I love you if you don’t feel so about them.

Don’t Say I Love You

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