Everyone says India WAS known as the ‘golden bird’ because it was the wealthiest nation in the world. Though, at the time, it is not associated with the term, but I believe that it still validates its name in all senses.


The British could only rob the material possessions and the monetary digits. The fact that tickles me here is that the imperial power of that time still believes that it was able to ‘rob’ India off of its all.

Evidently seen throughout the world in today’s time, India has spread its richness throughout the world. The shastras and vedas of our nation have created the belief systems of many nations in many basic principles. The yogashastra is one dominating around the world.

According to 2018 report of nriol.com, India finds its name listed in the positions of top ten countries in the world regarding the agricultural productions, achieving the highest ranks in the production of bananas, jute, mango and cardamom and second highest in the production of milk, rice, tomato, potato and cashew apple.

In the matter of arts, Natyashastra by Bharat Muni proves to be the rule book of all kinds of art, focusing primarily on the arts of theatre, music and dance. The scriptures and monuments made by the Indian workers of the varied ruling periods of different dynasties influence the designs of modern art. 

According to Wikipedia, Indian music industry is the 2nd oldest music industry organization in the world that is involved in protecting copyrights of music producers and is supporting growth of music entertainment industry. Indian singers have been and are popularising Indian music all around the globe. 

India is rich in its culture. People of various religious beliefs are based and reside in various regions of the nation.  The festivals of our nation are celebrated across the world. Languages like Sanskrit have become a part of the curriculum of the other nations. Each person who visits India from abroad needs to learn Hindi because not everyone in India converse in English and the foreign companies can get the best of their supplies sold and profited in India. Apart from a few incidents, the village of Shani Shingnapur is reported to be the safest place in the country, where no doors on the houses are made. People live together with harmony and understanding. Courtesy and humility are the core values imbibed in India. It prevails and persists to be the golden bird. 

Golden Bird

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