My dear future child,
if I will ever see you in this life,
I want to make some promises
to you before we meet.


If you will be my son
and you will want that doll on the top shelf
of that old rustic wooden cupboard
in the shop covered with dusty air,
I will make the shopkeeper step
on the table to get it down.
If he refuses, I promise to climb
stairs so high to reach
that shelf and give you whatever you wish.
To my best level, I will try
to acknowledge when and why you cry.
Don’t worry, baby, you’ll be safe.
You can weep.
I will always embrace
you within my arms and provide you safety.
If one day, you will tell me
that you wish to be a nurse
or cook for yourself and your family,
believe me, I will be more than happy.

If you turn out to be a girl,
you may or may not play with the barbie.
You are allowed to go in the army.
I trust you. You can be the leading lady
in each and every
field that you choose willingly.
Menstruation is not a taboo
nor is making a boy a friend or a boyfriend.
I will teach you to embrace yourself as a woman.
When you will struggle,
you will not just rise but fall too.
No matter what, I will always love you.
You will be my princess and my warrior
who will cross each hurdle and break every barrier.

If either of you choose
your life partners of the same gender,
or turn out to be a queer,
for me, it won’t be an issue,
at least, to me, nothing else will matter
except that you shall be happy
and live your life with love and honesty.
You will still be my child
who will share my blood in your veins.
I just expect you to not hide
from me, any of your problems or pains.
In me, without doubt, you can confide.

Whoever will you be,
I’ll try to be
your first and foremost
and best of your support.
Just give me an opportunity
to be a part of your journey.
I’ll try to be the best mummy
and give you the best family.


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