Perseverance and existence are co-related. Perseverance or deterrence—what to follow? What do you gain if you follow them and what do you lose if you don’t? Which one is more important for our existence as an individual?


Imagine a situation where it’s necessary for you to perform but due to some reason, you are unable to. You refrain from gathering courage for the same. Your performance will eventually either be permanently stopped from cultivating or it will be incomplete or not up to your mark. Deterrence will prevent your growth.

On the other hand, you decide to persevere in the same situation. You fall and rise and the process is repeated several times. You face the rain and it’s sunny again. You bloom.

You are not stopped from taking rest. Of course, so much of mental and physical work will exhaust you. But as you relax, you still need to keep moving forward. Try to persevere and not deter. You will grow in every aspect. Be a horse, if not, then a rabbit, not even that, then a tortoise, if not that, then a snail, but always try to become an ant.

Perseverance v. Deterrence

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