I am a woman.
Free from all the roles which
I am generally associated with,
I am basically just a human.


I don’t possess any superpower.
I have to work every hour.
I am not a human possessing everything unique.
Just as you treat all, me too you need to treat.

I do not have a weak composition
and just because you think you are strong,
it doesn’t give you any kind of permission
to inflict on me any doing that’s wrong.

Anyhow, that won’t prove you any good
but you will stoop, in my eyes, so low.
It won’t shatter me, to speak the truth,
but reveal how your heart and mind are so hollow.

I won’t raise over you my pikestaff
but just reduce you, in my eyes, to the size of an elf.
I am a woman. I am not someone’s other half
but, since birth, already complete in myself.


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