Sometimes, a thought strikes in my mind
‘What if I have nothing to write?
What would I do when the subject’s void?’
but I suppose, this situation will never occur possibly.

As soon as I compose one set of thoughts together,
another set is ready for its composition.
All of them gather at the same time together.
The words form themselves at their own disposition.

Each person I see,
everywhere I can possibly,
motivates me
to write and think deeply.

The sunset and the sunrise,
the mistakes that help me in becoming wise,
people’s good vibes and their guise,
the truths and the lies,

the friendship and the animosity,
the ‘insignificant’ associations and the day’s regularity,
a little bit of faithfulness and some of the treachery,
some people’s cowardice and other’s bravery,

I note all and record them in my mind
and form little creations of each kind.
I collect them together and compose
all kinds of fiction, poetry and prose.


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