I don’t like my parents. They pretend to be supporting my career goals but are not actually. They think they know everything about the world and can rightly discern what is right and what is wrong. They do not know anything about the struggles in today’s education system that the students have to tackle with alone. Their is major lack of mental, career-oriented and emotional support in my life. 


I don’t believe that my parents, till now, have been able to fulfill their job as a parent. Just paying bills, passing comments and giving knowledge about the “worldly terms” is not being a parent. If a parent expects their child to perceive and comprehend him or her, the child too requires its reciprocal. Only being a parent is not a tough job. Being a student and a child is a struggle too. I don’t think I need my father’s philosophical and educational teachings about the same points and factors which I already practice as a part of my personality. 

My parents teach me what kind of parent I should never become. Being a parent means to support your child. I don’t believe that except on financial terms, my parents have been able to do that. Bills can be paid by anyone. One doesn’t necessarily need a parent for that.

If you are not listening to the problems of your child when it’s the most important thing to do and instead, shoo them off by telling them that you are busy in household chores and office work, you are not a good parent. You can’t just get free of your work and expect your child to tell his or her problems according to your convenience.

Even if you listen and don’t act to resolve your problems, lending an ear serves no purpose. When your child has constantly shown his or her efforts towards achieving his or her dream career but you have always been treating it as a side career because it doesn’t fall in the category of a business or a 9-5 job, then I am sorry to say, but you fail as a parent. A parent rectifies but doesn’t make the child feel demoralised after commiting a mistake. If you are naming your child’s mistakes, that too those mistakes in which he was himself the victim, then you deserve a zero as a parent. 

A parent is not the one who bore you. They are the biological parents. In the true sense, a parent is the one who guides you while supporting your passions and talents and honing them to make you achieve glory and the supreme of your abilities. Good teachers are our true parents. If you aren’t able to discern these duties and are unable to fulfill them, then sorry to say, you are not a parent but just a guardian.


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