You are much awaited. Though, surely, I will not lie on the floor and spread myself out for you to come and walk over me but there is a space in my heart and in my life only designed for you to come and make yourself comfortable.


I’ll make sure that you don’t feel vulnerable to dangers in that spot and can be just as comfortable as you are in your home. You are allowed to sleep and dance like a baby there. It will be large enough to accommodate all your desires.

There will be a camera hidden at that spot, not to spy on you, but to be able to replay the moments of you captured in it. You will not feel aloof, alone,  secluded or frustrated but relaxed, calm and at peace. This spot will, I’ll make sure, be the most favorite of yours— your go-to place.

But if, by any chance, there are any signs of treachery, I will peacefully walk out of the spot with you and come back inside after I shut the door at you forever. I hope you won’t take this chance. Till then, this spot calls for you. For this place, this spot, beautiful, you are much awaited.


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