Dreams are known strangers. Sometimes, you drive them and at the other times, they drive you. Sometimes, the steering rides out of control. At times, they make you question the moralistic values you hold.


Dreams are certainly the mirrors of the unconscious. They are the hidden within us by us. We invite them and house them in our minds while we don’t know it. They are those visitors who walk in and stay there for such a long time that they indulge in our daily lives without us involving them. They are not a disturbance, instead, they get mixed so secretly that we are surprised when it comes to our notice.

At times, they bring into acquaintance the variant hidden aspects and facets of our mind and personality and unfold before us our desires, fears and worries without making us feel guilty of it. At times, they become a medium to vent out our negative feelings and clean our soul and mind. Dreams are the cleansers of the soul. We should dream often, shouln’t we? 

Known Strangers

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