I am thinking of dropping my college lately. Of course, my parents won’t allow me to but it’s a constant recurrent thought in my mind, not because I wish to follow a trend of famous people but because I feel there is a lot of unwanted energy around me that’s hindering me, more or less, from accessing the best of me and my life.


I contain an abundance of zeal within me to work towards the goals I desire to pursue but there are a plenty of distractions between me and them. I can’t wait anymore to work completely and dedicate my complete time towards my goals. College distracts my journey to achieve all I wish for.

Also, there is a lot of negative and hopelesss energy around me. Whoever I see is clueless of their future, even in minute commitments such as tests, assignments, internal assessments and written and practical examinations. It further evidences my lack of motivation. 

Doing anything simple such as submitting a medical certificate for the leave taken is a roller coaster for me, riding me all over the college. Not because I am lazy but because it is a tiring process which involves a lot of explaining and requesting time and again. For this reason, even considering dropping the college is too burdensome a thought as it will include more of such physically and mentally tiresome procedures.

The reason I am considering to leave college is self-centered. And why not? Why will anyone wish to stay in a place which serves no good to them? I believe, it will probably do more good than bad to my mental health. I don’t wish to do it out of fashion but passion towards my goals and the hurry towards owning my material gains such as home, motorcycle, musical equipments and home essentials. I can imagine myself happy in my career life. The troubles and hindrances I will have to face in my career will be the ones I signed up for, unlike my present situation.


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