I lost my register yesterday while giving a presentation. Along with it, I lost very crucial notes of various subjects I am studying to me this semester. I searched for it everywhere—home and college— but in vain. Damn! They could have helped me in the test that I gave today. Also, I could have excelled in all my subjects by studying through it. It held all the keywords within. It consisted of my hard work of every day, every hour, every moment I spent in college while I still possessed it. Even my friends were worried and regretted for my loss. What a great loss!


Or is it? Why shouldn’t I take it as another opportunity given to me to analyse more deeply in the topics? Thank god, I lost it while I still have some time to prepare for my exams. And for today, had I possessed that register, I would surely have studied from it and recalled many points of the texts but would I have been able to comprehend it myself yet again? I would have most probably lost that opportunity, isn’t it?

As for the notes, thankfully, my brain and other body parts still work quite well. I will probably revisit the method of challenging myself and walking the road not taken when I walk the paths through which the texts of my course make me travel through. My hands will certainly let these travelogues flow from the mind to the paper through a pen in my mind. And who knows? Maybe, this situation might been a boon in disguise. When I will start from the beginning yet again, maybe that will help me score better. Nevertheless, for me gaining less marks is no loss but losing on the opportunity to gain more knowledge. I am thankful for such a great loss!

A great loss!

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