What is success? When you get a lot of followers, is that success? Getting a degree from the college you hardly survived unwillingly, is that success? If you are able to see your face published on the TV channels and famous websites on the Internet, does it count for your success?


I believe the definition of success differs as per the individual. For me, each time I realize I am an upcoming artist who already has an audience to perform in front of, I feel I have already achieved a bit of my success which will be attained fully when the whole world will be my audience. Each time I encounter a new and enhanced version of my personality, I believe that I have become better and successful.

According to my father, the material gains and fame doesn’t count for success but factors such as inner peace, good health, etiquettes count for the real success. For him, material gains are a mirage. Though, I do agree with what he believes is success but more.

My mother is an inborn artist but was never able to gain knowledge from a recognised institution for the same. Last week, we got her admitted into a professional course of the same that will hone her skills into perfect and the degree she will attain at the end of the course will prove helpful if she wishes to teach in her future. Though, for me, she is already artistically successful but she will become successful financially too by seeking her career in a whole sense.

My brother is studying in the college of his dreams and has always managed to pass his school, college and competitive exams with flying colors. He is elder to me and apple of my parents’ eyes. The whole family loves him for his with beyond academic excellence. For us, he is already successful but for him, maybe he is yearn for something more.

My ex- boyfriend was able to start his career at the age of 19 with his own journey of struggle and despite all the troubles in his life. He achieved fame and respect throughout his career of 20 years. He gained and lost many good and bad relationships during this journey. For me, such a long sustenance of his career along with being in the eyes of critics and in midst of appreciations and applauds, he has been successful throughout. Also, I would like to applaud his zeal to educate himself in his art formally when he finished his masters at the age of 39. He funded some other people to educate them too. I believe he has the reached the pinnacle of success.

The boy who I am waiting for to be in a commitment with chose an interesting career of hotel management and being a chef who I had never so closely encountered in my life. And he manages to be the best in both his skills and also to collect applauds from those who witness his mastered skills. He is stepping the ladder of success up further and inspires me to be zealous too. He completed his Bachelors education at age of 21 and is now pursuing Masters in the same. He reminds me of my educational goals and makes me feel passionate for the same. Maybe, his definition of success involves a lot more than what he has already achieved.

To let others down, that is not success. Success is to uplift the person doing better than you because you understand that each person is struggling persistently and it is the result of their persistent hardwork that they are who they are and they stand on that podium. It is to realise that each person is living their own life and traveling their own journey. Success is not jealousy, but empathy and will to learn.

For me, everyone is successful in some or the other term. Even surviving each day when people die daily due to various reasons is a reason enough to feel successful. We are all leading successful lives. 


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