I can’t pinpoint or put a finger on it. You seeped into me slowly and steadily. You and me have become comfortable in the space that we provide to each other. I am waiting to see you live for the first time and believe it or not, I am doing this willingly. Didn’t I say before that I feel like I know you? You are not so stranger to me as you should’ve been.

There is no skepticism towards you like I felt towards my previous lover. There is respect and a little bit of fear of losing you without officially being your partner ever. But there is also a confidence within that you will come to me when the time comes. I have to prevent the hindrance in the natural flow of events.

Maybe, I understood it when I fantasized about my future with you, when I imagined how I will be standing equal to you, supporting you in all the right ways and you will reciprocate the same or maybe, when I realised that you are the person for me, that you are worth waiting for. When I couldn’t get your thoughts off my mind, that moment was that of solace. You awaken the best within me.

I am not expecting anything though. As I said before, I’ll let the universe do the work. I am at peace with myself, with your presence in my life and with the thought that my search for romantic love has finished.

The Moment I Realised That I Love You

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