No matter wherever I go, I’ll come back to you. You are my home. There’s a comfort in your existence. I believe in you. I believe in myself when I don’t want to because you believe in me. You have become an indirect source of power and positivity for me.


You are the feeling I look forward to after a tiring day. You keep me going. I think of not thinking about you but how can I not? And why shouldn’t I? You charge my vibes. I think of keeping a lot of distance from you but I am unable to. How can I cut you off my life for just being so sweet? I can’t do this.

Maybe, that’s why I am ok with the idea of waiting for you. Who doesn’t look forward to relax in the comfort of his or her home after a tiring day? There’s a calm in everything you possess. I am thankful that you exist because where will one go if not their home?

My Home

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