I never feel jealous. If I don’t possess something that they have, I will regret or wish for it but never be jealous that the person should not have had that possession. But that regret doesn’t make me wail but work hard and test my personality to reveal a lot of aspects it holds that are strangers to me.


There is a reason to it. I understand that one can’t achieve and possess everything in life as the possessions are beyond abundance and time is short-lived. No matter how fast you pace or how hard you might try, there will always be something that you can’t possess due to various reasons.

So, the ones who possess the qualities I don’t inspire me. These qualities may or may not be considered “great” in worldly terms. They can be the minute snaps or moments of a person’s day that they unknowingly take for granted.

It can be the will to live and spread a smile across people despite all the difficulties. It can also be their positive perspective on life. It can be the material possessions such as the car or their house that they own and bought from the savings they made on their salaries that they get from the job they worked hard to get and are as yet working hard to continue.

It can be their persistence or their pride that they don’t compromise for. It can be their zeal towards the goal of their life— be it a person, a career or a moment to die for. It can be their smile that bloomed out from their wailings. It can be their patience and self- control and the way they compose themselves in trying situations.

If we just change the glasses we seek the world from, there are countless things to get inspired, learn and grow from if we see beyond the negative auras such as jealousy. Maybe, I inspire people in some manner. People around me inspire me without consciously knowing it. Life is also a journey to inspire and get inspired, as I see it.


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