Thud! in the dust she fell
which stopped her pace altogether.
People circled around stared at her
but courage within her she gathered


and picked herself up on her own. 
She brushed the dust off of her clothes. 
She knew that she will hone her abilities with time.
So, she stood up gathering all her might.

She set a mark on the ground again. 
She could hear the thumping from her heart’s pace.
Her passion overtook her and grew profound.
She ran as she could feel her feet under her pound.

In her mind, all the moments when she had strived
and—to achieve her goals—had contrived,
one- by- one all of them could she recollect.
Only when she reached her goal, did she stand erect.

The times of difficulties
are opportunities for our abilities to groom.
Only when the rain clears the dust
of mistrust in us are we able to bloom.


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