As quietly as possible, he bumps onto the ground. She is ahead of him, leaning half towards the ground, looking ahead of her with great care. She holds up her finger towards her lips and says in almost dim voice, “Shh. Don’t make a noise.”


He composes himself and starts following her footsteps into the room, as quietly as possible. “You really think you will find it here?”

“I think so”, she whispers in the silence. Then, she turns around almost knocking him and commands, “We should search in split directions. You go towards the right corner of the room.” They proceed in different directions.

Both start to stir and shuffle the desks and the racks up and down, taking care the contents don’t fall lest they make a noise and their presence gets noticed by the people on the stage outside. They skip the pages in the files and suddenly find something.

Both turn around at the same time to inform each other of their discoveries, “Hey, see this.” They hold a stern look on their faces. They exchange the files. As soon as they finish reading the contents, they exchange glances of shock with each other. They know they need to act fast.

She pulls out her walky-talky to contact the superiors. The commander picks up and immediately says, “Unfortunately, me and the rest of our team are very far from the radar of the minister. If you move even a little, we might be spotted by the terrorists and that will increase the risk of danger on the life of the minister and the audience.”

“We have to save such people who don’t even care for us or our families. They don’t even care of our heart and soul—our nation. Why should we save them?” He retaliated.

“Your resentment towards the politicians is justified, but there are civilians in danger. You are not doing this to save these corrupt politicians but the innocent citizens you protect when you are recruited on the border of the nation. So, please cooperate. We have to act fast but with caution.” The commander explains.

They exchange glances of understanding with each other. “Ok, sir,” Both of them salute on the phone.

“The final trigger is with the terrorists.” He remarks looking at her, “We have to be really careful and practice the best of our wits.”

At the moment, a plan strikes in her mind, “Listen to me now.” He leans forward to listen.

Outside the room, people are hailing for the politician standing on the podium. As soon as he is about to speak, he clearly hears a commotion behind him as the crowd in front of him became silent to listen to him. Aloofing himself a bit from the mic, he indicates his secretary to come towards him. The latter arrives hastily.

The politician asks, “What is with this hustle? I told you to sort out all the possible problems beforehand. Now, why is this commotion behind the stage?”

“Sir, I am least aware of it. I’ll go and check. Don’t worry. I will handle this situation.” He rushes towards the source of commotion and enquires, “What do you want? Why are you creating this hustle?”

He spots a village couple standing in front of him. “Who are you? What do you want?” He enquires.

“CR…” He is about to utter.

“Villagers we are.” She cuts him in between and gives her partner a cold stare.

“We are here to take the blessings of the minister. As you can see, we are newly married. The minister is worshipped in our village. Please allow us to meet him once.” He explains further.

After taking permission from the minister, the secretary returns to tell the couple about the permit. They express their gratitude, “Oh! Thank you so much.”

They walk up the stairs to the stage. He sees the shooter at a distance click and prepare his shot at the minister. He walks hurriedly towards the minister, pretending so as to shake hands with him and stumbles, making the minister fall with him on the floor of the stage. She witnesses the bullet shot from the gun of the shooter travel straight towards the back of the stage with her eyes. She indicates him of the same. Both sigh, relieved.

He gets up and helps the minister to stand up too. As he shakes hands with him, he conveys to him of the danger. “Sir, I am from CRPF.” He says, smiling to act normal. “There’s a plan plotted for your death. Please get down the stage as soon as possible. This is my ID card as a proof of my duty.” He hands over his card.

The minister examines the card and nods to the officer. Then, he faces the podium and resumes his speech, “As we have been observing since past few decades…”

The officer is unable to comprehend this behavior of the minister and frowns. He starts to exit from the stage. As he moves a bit forward, he hears a commotion behind his back. He turns to see. The minister had collapsed while delivering his speech.

He rushes towards the minister. The audience tries to lean on the stage to see the minister from a closer attitude. He calms the audience down and pulls out his walky- talky and commands, “It’s an emergency. Reach as soon as possible.”

The force reaches on the stage almost immediately and the ambulance too. The secretary had already called it the moment the minister collapsed on the ground. The medical staff lies the minister’s body on the stretcher and transfer him inside the ambulance.

Both of them enter the ambulance with the force. She was sitting beside his face. The minister, after the ambulance had traveled a distance, opens his eyes slowly and sits on the stretcher. The force stares at him in amazement.

Noticing them, the minister replies, “All of you payed so much caution for my safety but the circumstances changed at the last moment. I used my presence of mind. I couldn’t abandon the stage as soon as you informed me officer, as that would have alarmed the attackers. Therefore, I had no choice but to assure my safety in a subtle way.”

They were still staring at him in amazement.

“It’s true indeed that it is only because of you that I am safe. Not to deliver a speech but the only thing I can say is I feel proud of my you and would like to offer my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.” The minister continued.

The officer said, “Not only in such circumstances, but everyday and in each situation, you should learn to secure yourself. We are preventing the enemies from invading our nation. You can improve it in other terms and if you ensure your safety, we will be more focused on protecting our nation on the border and not within.”

“Certainly” The minister replied.

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