She is lost in his eyes. Though, it is just a picture and today she will see him at last, yet she can’t help being mesmerized each time she looks at his face and thinks of his sweet way of talking. This is the time when all her fantasies will be tested.


She checks the time in her watch. Just as she turns around to check his arrival while being seated, she spots him standing in front of her with a smile on his face that she can see through his beard. “Hi”, he says smiling.

But she doesn’t reply. She is staring at him without blinking, her mouth open in wonder. She just can’t help admiring the beautiful being standing in front of her. It is appearing as if a shine is disseminating from within him. Not sure if she heard him the first time, he whispers, leaning a bit forward towards her face, “Hey!”

She stirs and feeling embarrassed, drops her sight towards the floor. It is as if she is back to the reality after completing her journey in her fantasy world. Reconciling herself in a while, smiling and clearing her throat, awkwardly she replies, “Hey. “

Smiling as he is looking at her, he drags the chair beside her backwards and seats himself. Though, trying really hard not to make it awkward for him by staring continuously, she couldn’t help doing the same unconsciously. He asks after noticing that the process is repeated four times, “Is there something on my face?”

She shifts her gaze on the menu card placed on the table, “Umm….no, of course not. Umm….shall we…..would you like to…..I mean, shall we….like, would you like to eat….?”

“You?” he replies almost instantly, mocking and teasing her through his reply. A constant smile is spread on his face.

“Huh?” her cheeks glow pink. She lifts her gaze up towards him. He keeps staring in her eyes constantly. She can’t help but gaze in return. The constant exchange of glances shade the whole evening in pink.

Lost in the Wonderland

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