It aches to stay away from you. You are still a thought, but now with an essence. It aches to think that I will not think of you. It aches to wipe off all the possibilities from my mind— the fights, the resolutions, all the hugs and warmth—everything. It aches to believe that you will always remain just a thought.


And it aches more because I know that you are not the person which I am supposing you to be to make it easy to remove you from my life. When my anger rests (though it is justified towards the kind of behavior you portray), it aches to come back to the dull, mundane, repetitive reality.

I can see that you care since the beginning, maybe even more than I care for you now or would ever be able to. I just don’t want another ‘fault in our stars’ episode in my life. You have become an unconscious part of my daily life. It aches to cut you off from it without warning you. But warning you won’t do anything as I know that you will smile a goodbye to me, no matter how much your heart aches on doing so.


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