I am on the verge of bursting out. The burden of the regrets of the past and some mistakes which provided no opportunity to me to correct them constantly haunt my mind. Music holds the threads of sanity within me together and intact. All around me are loads of frustration. Each person I see passes off their lack of hope and drive to whoever they meet, as if getting rid of an infectious disease by getting others infected and troubling them.


Yet, I have no outlet of my outburst. I am not letting myself be treated as a garbage can to accept and hold within all the trash of the world but even gold is not pure. Past haunts while future worries me and together these thoughts prevent me from living my present to its brim. All around me are sources of frustrations, pricking my calm conscious conscience and shielding it with dust and rust of corruption.

Some day, the volcano inside me would burst, rushing to the top from the crust, being build day-by-day, incident after incident, one after another. My threshold is being pushed since long. I have been holding beyond my capacity since years. Soon, I will lose control. Then, I would be at the peek of self-concern, seeming to be selfish to those who have been pushing my buttons. The outburst would be my outlet.


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