“It’s over. Why can’t you understand? I don’t love you anymore. Stop bothering me and go away. Leave.” He shouted at the extremes of his lungs.


She clutched her fist held towards the back and the letters she wrote in pink first crumpled then tore in bits. Without turning, with a smile on her face, she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me before that I bothered you so much? I would never want you to be in pain. I…”

“Oh! Shut up. Your ‘I’s and you’s’ . Please stop all this nonsense and just leave. I don’t understand what are you trying to prove by saying these stupid things? When I asked you to show me your love, you couldn’t. Now, your words are a total waste so please just leave and stop bothering me any further.”

She started to move backwards while murmuring within herself as she walked, “If only I would have bought that band that you wanted to show us off as a couple and done all those things you thought were sweet, though it seemed pointless to me, you would have realised my love. If only….”

“O mad woman!” he yelled from her behind, “Stop murmuring.”

She kept moving forward, this time without uttering any word. She shook her head to prevent the crowd from spotting the tear that dropped from her eyes.

She reached home after two hours of travel. Two hours turned in two days then two weeks. She kept thinking where she went wrong. ‘Was I wrong? What made him think that he could do this to me? Why? What for? Am I not worthy enough?……” Then as if a realisation hit her, “No. I was always enough, in fact, more than that. The one insufficient and incomplete, inconsiderate, apathetic and coward was him, not me. I was always just loving and understanding. I was never insecure or jealous, nor did I bound him in any manner. I never even thought of cheating, therefore I didn’t go wrong in any sense. It was him, he was right. It’s not me, it’s him. God bless people surrounding confused and inconsiderate people such as him. I was, am and always will be beautiful. I am unbreakable and good until I do wrong to someone.”

She lost him but found herself.


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