A lot of the early poets and authors refer to poetry as something to look down upon. Some try to bind it in verses, definitions and distinctions while others are still figuring out its techniques and methods through the use of the same throughout the process.


A poet is a mathematician too as he needs to be aware of the metrics and their use. She is an architect of the building of words, towering high and low in variance. A thinker is a poet, an observer too. A philosopher is a poet as well. The aggrieved is a poet while the aggravator is not left behind in this matter.

The early poets like Horace limit it within the boundaries of its ‘decorum’. Some seek it as a means of reform and revolution, while others seek in it a rescue from the tussle between their true desires and the inability of being able to achieve them.

A poet also has a hidden sense of music within herself. This rhythm is transported to the reader with the emphasis of syllables. Therefore, poetry is an art but not just it. Poetry is a composition of many arts combined. At the highest, it represents the art of life.

Though, all that rhymes is not poetry and that which doesn’t isn’t alienated from it. It is certainly a division of lines into phrases combined together, but not just it. It is, as evident, identified through its metrical structure but there’s more to it.

Poetry beautifies the evident. The stationaries don’t feel so static but transcendent through the eyes of the poet. It names the beauty, curving and twisting it within its adjectives. At times, it also names the creation along with the creator, earthly or unearthly. Poetry can nullify the evidenced and validate the unseen, unpercieved. It transforms without war. It is the best method to make your beloved get entangled within your mysteries. It is a revelation with layers of secrets to unveil. It is a path on which the mind starts walking from where the nib halts.

Poetry is the crying of the soul. Sometimes, it cries in rhyme and rhythm while at others, it’s unbound. At times, the sound is of melancholy while at others, all of them come together to shape a beauty. Some of it is derived from reality and the remaining is wheeled through unconscious desires. It is to make others aware of our beliefs, insights and emotions at one time and to churn out the thoughts hidden in the dark of the unconscious. Most importantly, poetry is the brain of the soul.


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The metronome and metonymy of poetry

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