I’ll wait. For the moment when you’ll heal, I’ll wait. Till the minute you would regain your trust and faith on love and your innocent self, I’ll wait. For the day when that sad, dull corner of your heart would be filled again with vibrancy, I’ll wait.


There’s no rush. Take your time. Breathe. Understand, observe, learn and move forward. You are not hurting me and I am not fed up, and I don’t believe I’ll ever be. I genuinely believe in that famous proverb that ‘good comes to those who wait’. I won’t wait idly. I will keep working on myself as I do so. I will wait when I will heal enough so that we can be on the same plane. 

I won’t wait for the temporary laughters that we would share to be led by different pursuits and passages later rather the permanent home we would find in each other. I’ll wait for the days and months and years when slowly and steadily our families would be more familiar with each other’s ways than we would be.

I’ll wait for your true self to be shared with me by your own will. I’ll also wait for the moments we would share when you would rejoice the remembrance of your good and hard times and the moments you discovered new mental, emotional and physical strengths that you possess. I’ll wait for the time when you would consider me to be one of your best buddies and we would be on the same page. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.


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