Home—a place we belong to. Where our families stay and belong to. Our ancestors, basically. Also, a place where the people who live there are connected with us. A place where we return after the worldly affairs tire us.


Human is a social animal, a ‘developed’ animal. He is so developed that now he declares that apes, his initial form, are now considered the  ‘underdeveloped’ forms of him. The mere reason being that all of the activities that humans can do, apes can’t.

Now that he is developed, he has applied his potential rightly to regulate, control and teach the ‘underdeveloped’. There is a developed hierarchy for this system of regulation as well. He has created a new, developed ‘home’ for them as well. Like their old home, here too they are limited to the boundaries of their new home to ‘protect’ them. They are kept more safely than they could ever have been kept.

Sometimes, his initial form and others so intrude his today’s world and he welcomes them. He welcomes all— those who live on land, expert in flight, who breathe in water— in a land of hectares divided in various sections. But as soon as he feels that they are intruding a lot in his world, he sends them back to the other world, the world he himself came from. He sends them back to their home, which is his home as well.

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