365 Days of Growth

When the calendar changes to 365,

be it by faith or may it be universal,

the aim of growth in the life

is for each individual and temporal.


Day one, you wake up afresh

and smile at you in the mirror.

Then, blow a kiss and cherish

your beauty— unfiltered and natural.


Day two, it’s evening.

As the sky falls down,

your hopes too start dropping.

But, in moments such as these,

you need to hold up your crown.


Day three, you are claustrophobic

you feel you are stuck

In those moments, inhale deeply

and wish yourself all the luck.


The fourth day, it’s time to bed

and the silence seeps in

loneliness within you. Instead,

you will find your happiness within.


The next day, you wake up

with a lump in your throat and feel unease

but grab some courage and ask for forgiveness

it wouldn’t make you small, rather let all the guilt release.


On all the Saturdays, revise

the work you started and correct

all the errors that you have done.

Learn from them after making it perfect.


The Sundays should be dedicated to rest.

Practice some of the carnivalesque.

Gather all the energy lost and refresh.

Meet yourself to bring out your abilities at their best.


The day after you rack your brain

and push yourself to achieve

that you did set so high, that aim.

You turn off the lights’ switch

with the dawn. They appreciate

you for being perfect in your skill.


The consequent day fills inside me

a huge rush of energy.

I exercise and extend my body’s limit,

expanding its flexibility beyond its permit.


Though, the next day, for perfection I do strive,

it doesn’t mean that I don’t realise,

recognise and accept my body that

don’t fit into my standardized image yet.


From the Saint Valentine of Rome we learn the lesson

of love. He went against the edict of Claudius.

He was executed for carrying out execution

of marriage between romantic couples.


The women gained suffrage on eighth of March

They fought for their rights against the Soviet government.

We see and learn from how they conduct global march,

on their day, every year to spread awareness.


On the morrow, we celebrate

through exchanging folly.

The first of fourth month, the lesson of hysteria it spreads

and shades the whole mood as jolly.


Another day starts. You meditate

and your mind and body reinstate.

It makes it easy for you to meet the end

and you turn into an individual more work- efficient.


It’s mid noon of another day and you sit with

folded arms, head laid down on your knees,

tears flow down from your eyes

recalling all the hurt. Forgive and be at peace.


On December 18th of 2007,

the UN passed a resolution

Since that day, we all give autism recognition.

Awareness is spread by the designated organisation

who enlightens us with the knowledge of this condition.


The Good Friday is not as good

as its name is and it should

have been. From Christ, we can only learn

one lesson— to love each human.


From this day, Christ turned

sacred and holy, due to his crucifixion.

25th December, the day he took birth

became an annual celebration.

His sacrifice and being give inspiration.


Being unselfish, you plant a sapling

as you are concerned to save the earth.

A few days later, almost a week

you get inspired by the hard work of a labourer.


It’s the International Day of Humanism.

Show your concern towards others’ condition.

Later, save both— humans and the environment.

You are dependent on both for your sustenance.


Though a day has been dedicated

to the well- being of pate

Yet, assure the good health of your mate

For doing this, one doesn’t need to wait

for World Mental Health Awareness Day


On the day that does follow,

you wake and think of strategies

to increase your production flow

and implement them to enhance your economy.


Another day and they smashed you down

with no fault of thine,

stand against bullying using all your

might, strength and power.

As Amanda Wingfield says, ‘rise and shine’.


It’s the morning of next day,

and your head severely aches.

You recall how you nearly escaped

from getting hit by a car

while toddling in the street

and how the smoking butt of the cigarette

between your fingers dropped on your hand.

You recall the pain

and look at the spot. It aches yet.

You are hit with a realisation.

You become strong and take a decision

to stop drugs and alcohol consumption.


A realisation hits you the next day—

your positivity will attract

more positive souls to you.

Befriend those souls and stay

mutually helpful and true.


With them, celebrate each day

and enjoy your connection on the day

assigned to this celebration,

widely known as the friendship day.


Next morning, your eyes open to the news

that some genders are getting negative views.

Their enjoyment on their sexuality is kept at halt.

At least, you treat them as humans,

realising none of it is their fault.


Another day, you turn the page of the newspaper

only to witness a news about the slaughter

of the people belonging to minority

on an issue that is far from major

Read this and understand your decision

can result into major dire consequence.


The day after, you explore your body

and churn out the contents in store.

You inculcate inside yourself positive energy

and throw the negative out of your soul.


The consequent night is dedicated

to your body’s maturation

You seek pleasure from yourself

and dwell into your body’s celebration.


The afternoon of the next day,

you are in the auditorium of your school

where, in the past, you used to study.

You spot your teachers, and

bow before them in gratitude.


The noon of the day after,

you sit and ponder over

the struggles one goes through in life

You feel grateful for your father

who earned and cared for you, along with his wife.


Yet another day, you think, understand and feel grateful

for it’s the day when you were born.

You realise that everyone doesn’t have such a good fortune

to be able to be brought into this world.


The next day,

realise that if you are gifted

with the ability to create

a new life and desire

to introduce them to the earthly sphere,

first, you should thank the nature

for granting you this rare candidature.


The next day, during evening time,

the water in your home is supplied.

You turn on the tap and go

away from the spot. The water starts to overflow.

You regret the incident and learn

that water shouldn’t be blown,

whatever might be the reason.


Another night. You are tired of the smiles

that you pass to the world to hide your depression.

Keep trying to stay happy whilst the strive

and be child-like as in regression.


The General Assembly of the UN

accepted the UK’s resolution

to strengthen the ideals of peace and their commemoration

was through World Peace Day’s observation

every year on September 21.

Since then, every nation

tries to maintain peace in every situation.


Since February 7, 1992,

we have started to recognise the issues

that are faced by men, too.

We celebrate their manhood

and thank them for what to the society they contribute.

We ensure that their emotional, mental, physical being is good

and inculcate into the young ones more human values.


Next day, try to become emotionally intelligent

initiate, to check on yourself, a conversation

seek out the resolution

to every situation.


The next morning, you stand in your college

and while you wander,

you see a girl standing

with expressions of wonder.

You go to her

and try to comprehend

what she wishes to convey.

You conclude your language

is different but it’s important

for you to understand her message.

You surf the books in

the library and on the internet

and help the girl through replying

to her query after learning her language.


Another day, in your balcony

you sit idly

and ponder deeply

Then conclude immediately

recalling the person who committed forgery

against you. You decide that it’s all trickery.

You will never again trust anyone from the human community

this thought flashes in your mind repeatedly.

But then, if everyone think similarly

how will we sustain humanity?

Therefore, you should place your trust

but analyse the behaviour of everyone carefully

to prevent yourself from treachery.


Turn your dream into a truth.

Buy a small shop to inaugurate

your business that is initially minute.

Set up the shop on the first day.

Buy the accessories and arrange

them in the shop within maximum seven days.

Be honest throughout the business

and develop it through with patience.

Try to establish it successfully

within thirty-one days at a proximity.

Be honest while the business practice

and slowly maximize the shop’s space.

Turn it into a building and then estate.

Spread your empire across the state.

That will take, for a start, at least sixty days.

Now, you will have a major responsibility to take.

This empire now, you will have to manage.


The accident left both

paralysed— your body and your soul.

Get moving, push yourself harder

and gather more energy with greater

force and enthusiasm and see your finger

of your strong right leg flicker

which gives your more hope and spirit.

You only need them to quit walking with stick.

Now, walk in the manner similar

for thirty days at least

to get back strong running on your feet.


You wish to score better

but are not able to recall.

Comprehend, repeat and write

to make everything register

inside your head. Try all

the strategies and strive

to be able to, in exams, score better.

Thirty days of practice

will turn your marks better.


This day, you are an intern.

You are sent not only to learn

but to teach

so that the children can reach

to the mental understanding

required for memorising and comprehending

the level consisting difficult lessons.

You learn to make learning fun.

You have to repeat for another

thirty days this procedure

before continuing your studies

to become a teacher.


As soon as you wake up next morning

You thank nature for the blessings

that are bestowed upon you as organs

and come together to form you as a human.

You realise it’s your responsibility

to keep them in a good condition.

This day you start with drinking

more water for overall hydration.


The day consequent as soon as you rise

You feel thankful to be blessed with your eyes

which have a very sharp sight

and are in a perfect condition

to give you an unflitered perception

of the appearances in nature and human

and give you automatic indication

along with practicing their involuntary function

to protect themselves in an extreme situation.

From today, you provide your focus and attention

in providing your eyes adequate nutrition.


The next evening you are standing near

the waves of the ocean and you hear

the sound of the water, which with energy most severe

hits at the rocks that stand immovable

and create a sound pleasurable

which you hear and feel blessed for the senses that make you such able.


The day after, you start with eating

healthy in the morning and in the evening.

When you meet your friends after the office meeting,

they hold a mini- party for the gathering

that after so many days were meeting

and your belly, at the time, you gratify

with the foods that your taste satisfy.


The next day, you get to back to eating

according to your established healthy routine

You gain nutrition from the fresh fruit

and eat the veggies, which make you feel full.


Another day, you read

that people are getting

admitted into a hospital

because of poor digestion

as a news states in the newspaper.

They are suffering in that condition

due to getting food- poisoned.

You feel thankful that such a situation

to you has never occurred.


On the next page, you read

that people are dying

as they are unable to fulfil their need

to feed

themselves and their family

with food, good and healthy.

As walk on the street later

and witness a beggar

asking for food to quench his hunger.

You buy him food to quench his hunger

and take him to a suitable rehabilitation centre later.

Also, you donate some amount in thousand

so that it provides some help to the institution

to provide their inhabitants with better nutrition.


You apply your intellect

and provide intelligent ideas

which your old boss implements

and the company

shows development

in its economy

and reputation

and gets renowned world-wide

as being the best

in its specialisation

and for its increased turnover

and rapid growth within 26 days.


And in case the earth has fulfilled

the four times revolution across its orbit

round the sun and it’s day 366,

then, you must cherish

the growth you have so far accomplished.

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