We are hurt and exhausted. We both faced a great fall in our lives. We give a lot to the ones we love, so much that we forget to love ourselves. I have learnt, though, after processing my emotions throughout the time I devoted to myself, that no matter what, I will never again forget to love myself. None’s entry or exit in and out of my life would affect me so much as to make me hollow and void of love. We will rise.


I suggest you, my friend, to practice self- love too. When you would be there for you always, you’ll have the greatest power within you. To practice that, in the beginning, as a help, you may see yourself from my perspective. I assume you don’t know how unique and special you are, that too, totally in a positive sense.

Look around, your mother believes you are the best son in this world. Your sister can’t imagine that a brother could be any better than you. The best of your friends, the ones who stayed with you through thick and thin, who you shared your joys and scolding with are still beside you to explore more of it without any sign of remorse, regret, anger, envy or sadness in their hearts or on their faces. Everyone loves you except yourself. Learn from the past but don’t let that make you such decisions in the future that they protect you from something or someone you deserve to live with, who is worthy of your wait and the best of you.

As far as I am concerned, you would never be forced by me for anything. I know how you feel. I have been through this too. If you will be with me, you can be sure that I won’t leave until you disrespect me or push me far away from yourself.

You and me are similar, in all the right aspects. Our experiences are mostly similar, awarding more empathy to us towards each other. I am taking my own me-time. You too, devote your time to loving yourself and being the best version of yourself. Remember, I will be there for you as and when you need me. Don’t be afraid, I’ll not let you fall.

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