Beloved Stranger

I don’t know you 

but I feel like I do.

There is a strange connection

between me and you.



I am surprised

by the sureity

that my inner self

feels towards you

while my outer logical self

remains always alert

of any possible hurt

that it might feel.



I don’t feel younger

to you, but equal.

You don’t make me feel inferior

but happy and comfortable.



You are like the stars in the sky

who I have never seen physically

but am acknowledged about your figure

by your appearance in your pictures.




The stars don’t reply when I talk

but you do.

Their gleam is faded with the shine of the sun

but you shine more as the sky clears.



When I travel, I imagine

how different would it have been

had you been beside me

throughout my journey

adding to it more beauty.



This might be temporary

and might as well be fake.

Yet, this connection is beautiful

that uptil now, we did make.



You are my beloved stranger

and I, to you, just an acquaintance.

I believe, you will hold a special place

forever, in my remembrance.

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