The nature is a blessing bestowed upon humans. Both, being a part of the ecosystem, are mutually dependent on each other. Nature is self-evident, self- born, self- existing but requires the cultivation by the human and nutrition from the waste of the animals to sustain with fertility.


Nature is an inborn possession. It is who you are and how you contain yourself unconsciously and effortlessly. It describes you and your outer self to the world. It is also self-evident, self- born, self- existing but is uninfluenced by any external force. It is a constant. One might as much try to change themselves but his or her essentials remain in the form of his or her nature.

As we are borne out of nature, our nature is gifted by nature too. We inherit the traits of the components of nature into ourselves. Our kidneys are of the shape of red phaseolus vulgaris. Walnuts resemble the structure of the brain. Mushrooms share the same shape as the inner part of our ear. Carrots resemble the eye. The interesting fact in all of these is that the foods are good for the well- being of the body part they are associated with. We should try to improve both of our natures for a better survival.

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