I can’t promise you anything. I can only try. I can try to be as honest as possible. I can try to make you feel happy and that special as I believe you are. I can try to be a member of your family and to make you a member of mine. I can try to ward off the negative in me so that it can’t affect your positive.


I will try to share with you whenever, whatever would be hurting or bothering me. In return, though, you will also have to try to keep an unsaid promise that whatever I tell you would remain between you and me, and no one else. You’ll have to be patient enough to listen to me. I will try to be a home to you, where you can confess anything and everything without the fear or apprehension of being judged.

At times, I may try to stand in your position, only to empathise and comprehend your trouble from your perspective. I may try to solve your problems, going out of my way, just to reinstate your happiness, only if you allow me to and don’t suppose me to be clingy.

There will be no time, until you push me away from your life, that you wouldn’t find my lap to place your head on and sleep peacefully. My shoulder will always be strong enough and my arms always welcoming enough to embrace you and pass on their comfort. I will always be ready to be your cocoon. I will try not to repeat their mistakes and not inflict any hurt on you, intentionally or unintentionally. I will try to be with you forever, whatsoever the situation may be, only if you give me a chance.

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