They say, ‘Pursue your passion. The struggle would be less’, but that’s not true. The difference in the struggle would only be that you would willingly struggle for your aim and work, unlike a work you are pursuing that you are not passionate of. If you have to struggle anyways, why not struggle in something that consists a part of your soul?


For example, my passion is music. I can read about it, listen to it, gain knowledge about it 24×7, but that would never be enough for me. I would always yearn for more. It’s not struggle and pain rather snuggle and pleasure for me. One can always rightly imagine me sitting idly in a corner where no sound of any sort from the external world enters me, with the expressions on my face according to the music that the headphones transmit into my ear canals.

On my dull days, I don’t even feel like singing, which is my passion, but as soon as the chords hit the right note of the situation of my heart, the notes I get engrossed into while listening slip out of my mouth through my lips and form themselves into a song on their own.

But unlike many people might think, I don’t like that anyone should witness this effect of music on me, lest the enjoyment is ruined. Music, being my passion, also works as my catharsis and therapy, preventing me from turning completely insane due to the roller coaster of my life.

It’s not that people don’t get tired when they pursue their passion, but when they feel tired of struggling with it, they think of resting and taking it easy and simple, not trying to expand their abilities, unlike quitting. They pause to breathe in some fresh air within them that charges their mind, soul and body. Quitting is not an option when you are pursuing your passion.

There is no question of victory or loss. The pursual of your passion in itself is a victory for you. No award, no recognition can supersede that parameter to victory. It’s a work that doesn’t feel like work, doesn’t have fixed timings because you never stop working once you start. Your pace may differ, your methods might change, your levels may fluctuate but the work never comes to a permanent halt. When the body isn’t working, the mind does. No amount of questioning, barrier or criticism would be able to end this journey. You will fall and grow with your passion.

Passion is when you can’t imagine your life without it. It’s not hollow, void or empty but impossible. The thought of leaving your passion drives you insane. You remove all the potential dangers to your passion away from you and your life. Nothing is greater than your passion— family, friends and sometimes, not even you. Your temporary pleasures come after your passion in the list of your priorities. Sometimes, there is no list of priorities because your only priority is your passion. Time flies when you are pursuing your passion. The effect of your passion on you makes others believe that you have consumed drugs and alcohol. They call you crazy and you become happily crazy, unlike them, because you are pursuing the love of your life, unlike them. You are in a state of euphoria and you love to stay there happily.


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