I am happy. They went from my life and made me sad temporarily. But now, again, after I found myself forever, I am happy. I am happy because my happiness lies within me. Also, because I got the opportunity to spend some good and memorable moments in my life to look back at. Self-love makes me happy. The realisation that I have the capacity to make me and everyone around me smile makes me happy.


I recall the moments when I achieved and acclaimed prizes, certificates and awards at a young age and turn proud and happy. I realise how people in my life, even those who are not that close, are comfortable around me and share their deepest and sometimes even the darkest secrets with me. That kind of aura that I hold within me makes me happy because that’s not something everyone possesses.

Looking at babies and cats make me happy. Well, they mean the same, just the modified versions of each other. I believe in the thought someone once shared that says, “Never Put the Key to Your Happiness in Someone Else’s Pocket.” I find happiness in the smallest and seemingly insignificant incidents of daily life.

Dancing in the rain makes me happy. Even the patter of the raindrops that drop into my ears and the fragrance of the wet sand and dust that enters me as I breathe refreshes my soul. Imagining rain makes me happy. I observe the changing symmetry and angle of the line of water splitting into various beans of rice, though these ones are mostly transparent.

Looking at the sustainability of the relationship and marriage between the elder couples in my family makes me happy because it never fails to substantiate my faith that there are happy endings in love and that no storm of problems can break a strong relationship built on trust and friendship.

I am happy because I am blessed with the abilities to survive without the physical or mental shortcomings of any sort. I am happy because when somewhere in the world, people are dieing due to various reasons, I am surviving. Not only survival, but I am also blessed with adequate amount of resources to fulfil my needs and desires. In this moment, despite all that I had to go through in my life uptil now, I am thankful that they made me strong and  now, I am just happy. 

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