I should trust you.

Or should I?

Only on a promise

that you won’t make me cry.


Should I believe that

like all the people

who broke my trust in the past,

to me, at least, you won’t do that?


Cause once one’s trust is broken

it can’t be mended as before.

You won’t break me and my trust

Of this, can I be sure?


I believe this is the last

chance I am giving to myself

to trust someone truly.

Would you be equally responsible?


About me, you can be certain

that if I can’t mend your broken

heart, I would not even 

inflict on you any further pain.


I am not trying to burden

you with the hurt of my past

but just taking caution

to not be shattered at last.


Can this trust be mutual?

Can we both trust each other?

Can we promise to ourselves

that we won’t let our broken hearts shudder?


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