It hurts a lot today

but would heal tomorrow

If you stop associating

it with pain and sorrow


You can’t forget it all

But can learn and move ahead

The choice is yours—

to rise from pain or be filled with future’s dread


Healing is a process

Any of the steps you can’t skip

It is slow in its pace to achieve and requires

a lot of patience and time


Before you heal from a hurt of one kind

Don’t jump into another

As you are already exhausted enough

to be responsible for the hurt of other.


Because you are not allowed to throw

your baggage of the past

on another person who only toiled

to make your relationship with them last.


You are not told to forget

how it felt to the absolute,

but you can miss someone

and not return to them, being resolute.


Before anyone and anything,

yourself shall be kept prior.

Apologise, forgive, forget and heal.

Always keep your head higher.





At 2:52 am on 30th August 2021, I am asking you to never suppress or ignore your feelings. Feel it to heal it. ALWAYS.

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