You are unbelievably beautiful. This is peculiar than it should have been. In intervals and after breaks, I find myself logging in and surfing your social profiles to look at your pictures. When they can’t convince me of your existence (I don’t know it as I haven’t met you yet), I keep examining your movements in your videos on those sites, playing them on loop. Please don’t get offended. I don’t do it on purpose and this is not the only thing I have got to do in my whole day. Whenever my mind is free, even for a snap of moment, from the daily routine of my college and the concerns related to my studies and career, it wanders off to thoughts about you. 


I know I should not do this. I believe it might hurt me and you in the future. All those ‘what ifs’ in my mind prevent me from thinking about you in a positive manner. I don’t want to repeat anything that I felt before. But, to be honest, this is not the same feeling. I believe you to be true. I feel you and me and our lives are the carbon copies of each other, the genders reversed. To be honest, I was taken aback with your openness as I never knew that boys could be open too, than being secretive.

Your physical attributes are not the one that attract me towards you. There are many men who are handsome but they don’t have the capacity to overshadow my mind with their thoughts. I feel you are also an old school lover at heart, like me. I don’t know if that’s true or otherwise, but if it’s true, we are connected. Your love for your family and friends, unmasked personality and honesty work as a magnet. You are not the ‘butterflies in my stomach’ type rather ‘you are my peace’ person and I love this connection, whatever it is, that we share right now.

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