I, Me and Myself

I am on a constant journey of self- realisation and self- improvement. I was a sapling. The storms in my life fed my roots with water and a new life seeped into me. The thick branches of knowledge, experience and wisdom grew from the thin twigs and thin branches of innocence, inexperience and incomprehensibility. I grew into a tree. A tree which is sufficient not only for itself but for the other living organisms as well. The only source of survival it requires is water, of which the quantity may vary according to the situation. It doesn’t stop once it has reached a maturation stage, but keeps growing every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year till its life sustains. It goes through various stages in this journey of growth.


I am on a journey of happiness. Not the happiness where you smile to portray rather the inner serenity. To feel gay and merry not just to show, but to feel a vibration, something stirring within me. To find what they call true happiness. I need not only my body, but also my soul. I am on a journey of impressing and surprising myself every moment, every day.

A few years earlier, I couldn’t imagine there would be such drastic changes in my personal and professional life. I never assumed I would be able to adjust to such drastically variant circumstances, understand and deal with the cunning of many seemingly innocent people and would turn cynical completely, unlike a bit of it as earlier. But fortunately, I did all of that and naturally, it made me stronger and unbeatable because my competitor is me and only my past self, who I have to outshine. A competition with anyone else doesn’t concern me, unlike other people because I usually don’t believe I hold the right to criticise someone to demean them. That’s because I am not perfect. My concern limits to I, me and myself. 

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