What is commitment?

Is it marriage?

Is it sacrament

or a carrying forward of parage?


Is commitment taking vows

in front of a concourse?

But if it is so, then why does

there exist an alternative of divorce?


Is it believing your partner

against all those who apprise?

If that is true, then why do those

partners indulge in two-time?


It is to get angry

and upset on small issues

but also to cool down later

and converse to resolve and clear doubts


It is to feel regret in one moment,

that why did you both ever meet

but also to bite your tongue at the thought

and the next moment, in gratitude, the nature you greet.


It is to realise that if not for them,

it wouldn’t have worked out with anyone else

to reignite towards them your love again

and shower them with cosset.


It means to be with each other

through thick and thin,

to talk to each other, and not

about them in tough situation.


Commitment is the small efforts

that for each other, you daily make,

to decide mutually that you would never

give up on each other, no matter what does it take.




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