Arjun loved Soyza and Shehan loved Arjun too. But, it was considered ‘wrong’ by Arjun’s family because a boy loved a boy. On the other hand, Shehan was not afraid of accepting that he loved Arjun. Both were victims of cruelty at the hands of Black Tie, which further ignited their passion towards each other. Shehan was Sinhalese and Arjun was Tamil. Also, Radha and Anil Jayasinghe couldn’t marry due to the same caste conflict.


She fell in love with him but people condemned it. The only problem was that he was too older than her. On the contrary, her friend fell in love with a man significantly younger than her. A few years later, almost a decade, they ended up splitting due to economic reasons. The people who had been catching details of their relationship like the headlines of a breaking news from the beginning remarked that it was destined to end since a relationship with an age gap that big cannot sustain. But, her friend’s relationship did sustain until death did them apart. So, how was that possible? Wasn’t there an existing age gap too?  How the relationship that could survive was an epitome of love and the one that couldn’t an example of mistake and betrayal?

The Duchess loved Antonio Bologna and he reciprocated the same. She wished to remain in a courtship with him with mutual understanding. The problem here was the rank they held in the kingdom. She was the duchess and he was the steward of her household. Both were killed by her brothers, Cardinal and Ferdinand, for their reciprocal love towards each other.

When it is said that love knows no boundaries and that there’s no language of love, they are considered impractical and superficial statements. But they are not completely true or false, rather subjective. Their credibility differs as per the relationship. Just like any relationship, love relationships too require constant commitment and effort. The moment the relationship goes void of them, it ends. Both partners have to fight against the various problems and keep themselves together to sustain the relationship.

Love is peace. It is the will to see our significant other prosper. It is to not put your partner in a situation where their position and importance in your life is questioned. Love is not to hurt the other, intentionally or unintentionally, and if you do, to ask for and grant forgiveness from and to each other. Love is not pain. Love is just love, not more, not less.


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