Black Tie scolds Arjun and Shehan Soyza for conducting ‘unmanly’ behaviours and they couldn’t imagine even to marry each other, though another major factor affecting that was the conflict between Tamil and Sinhala castes. The glances that both of them steal of each other make the plot strong and worthwhile. Alas, such implications and behaviours also make people tag as them, especially Arjun, as the ‘Funny Boy’.


The Duchess of Malfi lives in a courtship with Antonio against her brothers’ will and is hanged through Bosola for the same. She asserts her sexuality and desire to marry Antonio and attempts to woo him. On the other hand, her brother Ferdinand exhibits incestuous behaviour towards her which eventually leads the plot driven by revenge to end in tragedy.

Florinda and Hellena move around the town to find a suitable match for themselves of their own choice. Florinda, along with Angellica, is unfortunately decieved and left by Willmore, the rake and the rover.

Paul D wants to assert his masculinity by telling Sethe, “I want you pregnant”. While on the other hand, he is moved around the house by the white shine of Beloved. Beloved was shining and Paul D didn’t like it.

As observed by the psychoanalysts, the color red of the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass depicts the sexual appeal of the character.

Miss Minnie Cooper, in her middle age, still yearns for wooing of the young men as she passes by them as she believes she is still young. This characteristic can also be observed in the behaviour of young Belinda.

Amanda still recalls the days of her young age when innumerable gentleman callers stood, as if in a line, to marry her but regretfully to her, she marries Mr. Wingfield, Tom and Laura’s father. Though, later, she did assert her beauty and sexual appeal by dressing up so as to outshine Laura when Jim O’ Connor is supposed to be Laura’s gentleman caller.

Direct or indirect, all of them assert in different ways that sex and sexuality are integral to humans, rather organisms. No being alive is totally void of sexuality. They are ingrained into humans and need to be recognised, accepted and celebrated as carnivalesque than being ashamed of as sex is just another need of the body placed on the top of the pyramid of hierarchy of needs of the five human needs proposed by Abraham Maslow. It is not wrong until you force it. It holds the capacity of both— ruining someone’s past or enhancing someone’s future. Sex is beautiful and simple and deserves to be cherished.

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